Immediate delivery, reliability, and safety are the pillars of our company

Client can communicate with our company and make his order by calling us or sending us an email. Our taxi trucks cover most cities where they can deliver and release your goods at your place.
Our facilities offer you the opportunity to release, divide and temporally storage your cargoes. We undertake the division of the freights according to the destination, their short-term storage and their transport to all the cities that our services are taking place, but also to the rest of the country through our affiliated agencies.
Since the early years of our company’s foundation we utterly support the shipments by doing C.O.D. C.O.D follows the redemption terms of client’s voucher and it’s delivered directly to the client within 10 working days.
The data system of our company allows the constant online connection with our branches in order to inform them about your cargoes.
Petaxtis transport service pledge that the immediate delivery of your goods will take place the following day after the release.
Our company insures your goods during their transfer and their storage in our facilities.